Tuesday in New York

Renee and I walked to the Met yesterday and spent a couple of hours there. It seems to get more crowded each time I go there. We looked at some drawings from India, a show sent from the Korea National Museum, and the Late Interiors of Bonnard. I wasn't turned on except for some of the Indian drawings. In the evening we met my friend Mary for dinner, then went to a book signing at Dashwood Books. The photographer/conceptual artist I met in Japan, Jacqueline Hassink, has just published a new book, Car Girls. This was more like an artist opening than a book signing–I'm not sure how many books were signed, or sold–and it was fun to be there. Going to openings was a constant part of my life for many years, but not at all for the last few years.

I posted a brief summary of blog class 3 at Silver Streakers

2 thoughts on “Tuesday in New York

  1. Hi, Ruthe!
    Sounds like you and Renee are having a wonderful time in NYC. At the MET, I usually view the recent exhibits and then go over to my favorite permanent collections. I make it a point to visit the chiaroscuro paintings of the Dutch artists and then over to the Impressionists. I love how both groups of artists interpret light. Sometimes I’m there until the last second before closing running from one gallery to the other with my insides screaming, “I need just one more minute.”
    Have a great holiday!

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