Walking around New York is

my favorite occupation. Renee is cooking for tomorrow night's Seder and most of my friends had other things to do. I took the subway down to Bowling Green, at the bottom of Manhattan, and went to the Museum of the American Indian. It's one of my favorite places, second only to the Met. They had two exhibits I hadn't seen: wonderful native women's dresses and some of the work of Fritz Scholder. The women's dresses were the best; each unique and a work of art.

I walked from the museum to Chinatown to meet Julia for dim sum. Broadway abounded with tourists taking photos of I don't know what. Then again, perhaps my photography mystifies other people. I walked past the famous bull, past Wall St, past a new red sculpture that looks almost like the construction machines working at the ground zero site. I'll post pictures next week when I return home.

After we finished dim sum, Julia and I walked around Chinatown. We came upon a wonderful scene on Eldridge Street: several large cherry-picker type machines being used to install red silk Chinese lanterns. This will become a movie site next week for some kind of Disney movie. This is the block that houses the Eldridge Street Synagogue, now museum, next to a Buddhist Temple.

I walked down Canal Street after I left Julia, but there was nothing as exciting as that movie set.

2 thoughts on “Walking around New York is

  1. Passover food is some of the best stuff in the world. I saw on the news this morning that Mrs. Obama is having seder in the White House this evening. That’s going to be a special seder.
    Don’t eat too much.

  2. The dresses in the link you provided were stunning. I wished I could have seen the ghost dance costumes, too. They must have been marvelous. You’re so right about a walk around New York being so interesting. There’s always something new to see or new ways to see what you’ve seen countless times already. Only problem I have is frail feet; if only I could clone a better pair and have them successfully and painlessly installed!

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