Tax and another frustration

I finally did my income tax Sunday; started and finished.
I've been doing work avoidance on it since January. I think I didn't want to
know how little income I had last year. I will get refunds this year from both
state and feds. I'd rather pay the tax and have the income. I think my work
avoidance also kept me from posting very often. I promise to do better from now
on; I really have a lot to say.

 Instead of buying TurboTax this year, I went to and
found a list of free (or cheap) tax software. I used TaxSlayer. TurboTax was a
little easier, but I now have a better idea of what the numbers are all about
and the whole thing, including e filing and my state return was free. Thank you
Tax Slayer and for saving me more than a hundred dollars.

 I printed out most of my China book with results that made
me unhappy. Some of the pictures that I know aren't wonderful, really look much
worse than on the computer.  I stopped
printing about two thirds of the way through and I'm trying to decide whether
to buy a new printer. I have two of them already. One was a comes with
and it's at least six years old. The other was a so cheap I couldn't resist when
I bought my iMac. You get what you pay for, as I constantly remind myself. Both
printers have relatively new ink cartridges, which makes me want to use them,
but mostly I can't figure out what to buy. Even the supposedly high quality
printers are cheap enough; it's the ink that's the killer.

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