End of the week

Tomorrow I teach my first blogging class. I think I'm ready for it. I sent an email to my students with the class syllabus. It is also posted on Silver Streakers, and I'll report on the class there. I have one student I haven't been able to reach: no email address; phone has been busy or no one answers. Everyone needs an email address in order to start a blog. I hope I won't have to get into that in the class. Thanks to Len, my sometime partner in Silver Streakers, I found some excellent videos on YouTube that explained some of the aspects of blogging I've been hazy about.

I think I finally won my war with the ants. Initially, I spread the borax around the sink and floor near the sink. It didn't have any effect. The ants avoided it, but managed to get around anyway, and I only saw a few at any one time. On Wednesday, after cleaning up all of the borax, I tried a different mode of attack. I made a saturated sugar solution and poured some borax into it and left it in the sink. Wednesday night there were ants all over the sink. I left them alone, the point being they eat the sugar solution and carry it back to the nest. Thursday morning there were a few bodies floating in the sugar, but all the rest were gone. Today I have only seen two of them. They're very tiny, less than 1/4 inch long and I can barely see them. I'm hoping I won't see them again.

I'm still walking; four miles yesterday, but only a mile today: too cold. The sun came out just as we finished. Maybe I ought to go out again.

3 thoughts on “End of the week

  1. I sure hope the blogging class went well. I bet you inspired all of your students. šŸ™‚
    Thanks for the note. Glad you can see the picture ok, and yes, we have to find a better way of supporting a reduced shopping economy.

  2. I am so proud of you for that walking. You are a new woman. I so need to do that, but after an hour in the pool, I am MZ. Limp.
    Yup, you make me smile….yes, have to have an email address, and a computer newer that Windows 98 is useful for blogging. Win98 hated Editors of any sort.
    I’ll eagerly follow your course. šŸ™‚

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