The China book is ready to be printed. It has 163 pages with 318 pictures. I thought about uploading it here, but the PDF is 158 MB–more than I want to upload or you want to download. I am putting it aside temporarily to work on my upcoming class, and my income tax. When I get ready to print and bind it I'll post some screen shots of the pages and photos of the binding. In the meantime it's all on the other blog, including the photos I never got to post.

I have finished my syllabus for the first two classes, although I suspect some of it will run into the third class. I'll put it up on Silver Streakers in the next day or so. Today I had a chance to speak to two of my students; both are really thinking about commercial applications. That puts a different spin on the whole thing. I don't know any of the other people who have signed up for the class. I plan to contact all of them by email before the class begins, primarily to get them thinking about blog and domain names.

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