Theatre in Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre, part of the Department of Theatre Arts, is putting on a production of Angels in America, the Tony Kushner play about AIDS and other facets of American life. All parts, with the exception of Roy Cohn and Ethel Rosenberg/Hannah, are played by students. It is a complex, ambitious undertaking and they do a great job. I never saw the play when it was first produced so I was pleased to have this opportunity. With my usual standard of how many times I look at my watch I have to report that I only looked once, at the beginning of the intermission, and was surprised at how much time had elapsed. That means I give it five stars.

The Pitt Osher group had a lecture/discussion about this first part of the play, and another will be held before the second part is produced. Much of this lecture focused on how the students approached their roles and what was done to prepare them, since most of them were born after the time period (Ronald Reagan eighties) the play addresses and long after Roy Cohn was most famous.

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