Happy New Year

Kyoto botanical garden

Cycas Revoluta, ready for winter, becomes sculpture, no longer a plant.

No plans for celebration tonight. Just the hope that 2009 will bring peace and joy. And I will try to stay in Pittsburgh for a while.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year Ruthe!
    Who Loves You??? We do! We do!
    I love that photo of the two houses. Awesome.

  2. This is a Sago Palm with some sort of cones over the fronds? You’re right that it does become a sculpture done up like this! Neat.

  3. Goodness…….do they wrap it up?
    Thanks so much for the note. Happy new year to you…..we will join you in the peace and quiet. I look forward to following your 2009 adventures. 🙂

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