Sunday walk

I smell like latkes, or rather my coat smells like latkes. I've taken the coat out for several airings, but it doesn't seem to go away. Everything else has gone into the laundry. I went to two Hanuka parties where they fried the latkes (potato pancakes) after we arrived. Latkes are good on Hanuka, but not having to smell them for days afterward.

The weather has been amazing these last two days. Yesterday was in the high 60's and I didn't wear a coat. It's colder today, but the sky is that beautiful blue and the sun feels warm. The radio was forcasting high winds; I wasn't sure I wanted to go out. After Robin told me it was beautiful I put on my coat and started walking. Pretending I was still in Japan I took my camera with me. This was the first thing to catch my eye.

Library - 10280

I watched the red house being painted before I left. It makes an amazing contract with the pristine white lady next to it; almost enough to inspire a story.

Further on this tree spoke to me.
Library - 10283
It's not like the Japanese gardens, but somehow the trees give me the same feeling.

I finally got to Trader Joe's where I had one of their little cups of coffee and bought a few things I should have left in the store. They have great nosh and I don't want to gain back the weight I lost.

6 thoughts on “Sunday walk

  1. What a striking set of houses. It helps to have your artist’s eye to bring it to share with us. I like latkes too. Hubby and I do a similar Indian treat, but I guess I just like the combination of potatoes, onions and grease!

  2. Stacie: They are not the best thing in Jewish deli, but Ill introduce you to them when you come to Pittsburgh. None of it tastes like my mother’s cooking.
    I think my coat has finally stopped smelling. It wasn’t great. Potatoes don’t really smell so mostly it was onions and grease.

  3. I have never had latkes…sounds like I need to! Sometimes traveling makes you see your own home in a different way…slowing down and really looking at things you often take for granted…nice pics!!!

  4. The red house is wonderful – you can imagine all sorts of good things happening there! I really like the tree – trees are so photogenic. I used to live in Japan, and more recently Okinawa. I miss it, but I too find things here in the US that give me the same feelings.

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