Movin’ and cruisin’

I made the deal to sublet my apartment. My tenants will move in on Thursday, so I really have only one day to finish moving out. It shouldn't be a problem, I've been organizing everything for such a long time. I have only my summer clothes, day to day toiletries and this computer to take care of.

Needing a break from all this organizing on Saturday I went on a cruise of the Monongahela River. The cruise was called Lords of the Mon and was guided by people from Rivers of Steel. It seems that at one time there was 37 miles of steel mills along the Mon. I think our cruise went only about 10 miles; we saw only the Edgar Thompson works, the only mill left in Pittsburgh. Most interesting are the bridges. I think we went under eight of them. I loved the echo of the guide talking as we went under the bridges. Here are my bridge pictures. More about the sublet later.
Library - 5675
Smithfield Street Bridge

Library - 5694

Hot Metal Bridge–molten steel crossed to the other side of the river to be finished.
Library - 5696

Library - 5699

Library - 5716

Rankin Bridge–wrapped for badly needed repairs
Library - 5766

Another bridge that needs help.

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