Nancy Crow and other art events

This seems to be Nancy Crow week in Pittsburgh. She gave a lecture on Wednesday, which I attended, and a huge (50 quilts) show of her work opened last night. You can read about it here. I'm not a quilter, although I made one and pieced another one that remains unfinished. But I love fabrics and have always done some sewing, at one time making most of my clothes. I often heard about Nancy Crow and pictured an older Native American, because of her name and one or two of her early quilts I saw. She's certainly not the person I dreamt up, and her quilts have changed dramatically from those early pieces. I enjoyed the lecture and the opening, but I can't say I found the work compelling enough to go back for another look. The gallery write-up calls her one of the most genuine voices in contemporary art. I don't seem to have a lot of interest in contemporary art. Only occasionally does something speak to me.

The Three Rivers Arts Festival is also on now. I'm planning to get there this weekend. Last weekend, when it opened, was just too hot.

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