Lost day today

Went for my usual long walk with the walking group and totally wiped out. I guess it was too soon to do it. I spent the rest of the day wiped out. Tomorrow will be better.

Here are a few more photos from New York, from my birthday. This is Julia, who has just lost a lot of weight.


On our way to the theater we stopped at the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square to use the facilities. I fell in love with this basin in the ladies room, and didn't realize I was in the picture when I took it. So this is my birthday portrait.


While we were waiting for the play to begin I saw this wonderful image in the lobby mirrors. I wish there had been more light so the picture would be sharp.


4 thoughts on “Lost day today

  1. Yes, recovering after any surgery is surprisingly difficult to do. I love the pics…and Julia is a striking woman too…you caught her personality for us and it helps to really see what you have been experiencing on all your travels with your great photography.
    I am glad you are ok…I was worried.
    Isn’t it amazing how the people that you meet here in blog land become a part of your life in an unexpected way? I had a pen pal when I was younger and it was the same…I still remember her and felt like a part of her life, as she did mine, yet we never met in person.

  2. Julie is lovely! And what a happy accident that you included yourself in the middle picture. The last one is almost as good with its mirror images. All are striking examples of your prowess.

  3. You may not be able to raise your right arm for a couple of weeks, but your greatest strength is in your right finger. Great photos!

  4. It’s tough to regain your strength after such a big procedure, but hang in there – it will definitely get better. (And it’s great that you’ve been working so hard on your exercises and walking prior to the procedure – that will pay big dividends as you recover.)

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