Getting back to normal

Thanks to all of you who left comments and sent emails. I'm doing just fine–getting back to my normal routine. According to my doctor the only thing I shouldn't do is raise my right arm over the shoulder–not so easy as it sounds, but doable. Doesn't want me to drive yet; Robin is chauffeuring me around. She's been wonderful, doing everything she can with much love. Daughters are good, that one, anyway.

If the blog looks strange to you, it's because Typepad has given me some extra features. There is only a fine line between features and bugs. My discussion with them is ongoing. Sometimes one ought to leave well enough alone.

Did you catch the item on the news about the latest crane that fell in NYC? It's 2 blocks from Renee's apartment. We decided when we first saw it to avoid that corner. It looked risky even to us non-engineering types.

There is construction everywhere you turn in NYC. Here are some pictures of work on the Second Ave. Subway, just down the street from us.





Whatever the truck is hauling is part of the subway construction, although I certainly couldn't tell you what it was. Caused a huge traffic tieup as he kept jockeying for position.


One of my favorite things in NYC is a street fair. I've been to so many they've actually gotten a little boring. I keep going for those Mozzarrepas–a round corn arrepa sliced horizontally in the center with mozzarella cheese between the slices, then grilled until the cheese melts. It's obviously another thing I shouldn't eat, but I only get it once or twice a year. Here is a slide show of street fair pics.

2 thoughts on “Getting back to normal

  1. Ao glad you are slipping back into your normal life. No more out of body experiences, I hope. Yes, sometimes daughters like yours are extra special. I’m just so grateful you are comfortably with us again.
    I too am plugging back into my old life. Perhaps I should also write a short entry about street fairs. I don’t know if I ever took any pictures, but G and I did live on top of one for 12 years. 🙂

  2. So Ruthe, you’re still in NY? Seems like you’ve rallied quite well. It’s good to note the confident note in your “voice” in this post. Hope you continue to feel good. As long as you’re up to blogging, I’d say you’re doing great! Can’t keep a great blogger down very long, right?! Take care.

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