A good week (and today is my birthday)

I've been too busy or too tired to continue writing all week. Spent most of my time with friends, and a few art shows during and in between. Wednesday morning I met Ellen at the natural history museum. We did a lot of talking, since I haven't seen her for about a year, and we saw the new exhibit about the horse. Thursday was a full day with Phyllis. First lunch at her place, a wonderful apartment on the West Side, then up to the botanic garden. Darwin's garden was fabulous; all of the colors and shapes were overwhelmingly gorgeous. We also saw a little of the Moore exhibit, but ran out of time and couldn't stay to see all of it. It's another reason to return to New York.

Back on the West Side, we returned the car to the garage, rested for half an hour, then went to dinner at a charming Japanese restaurant. New York is filled with sushi places, but this one was special, at 92nd and Amsterdam. After that a concert at Carnegie Hall with James Levine and the Met Orchestra. The first piece was by Elliott Carter, 100 years old and in the audience to take a bow. I guess being 100 is OK if you can be in such good shape and get that kind of recognition.

Friday I had coffee with Rose, lunch with Jean and dinner with C–a very rewarding day. Saw Mary Cassatt prints and drawings with Jean then went to the Japan Society before dinner. I often have mixed feelings about lacquer, but I loved most of this work by Zeshin. Along with wonderful boxes and trays they showed paintings he did with lacquer. Amazing stuff!

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