Met Tuesday

I can't believe I was actually in New York six days before I got to the Met. I saw the blockbuster, Courbet, when I was here last month. This time, walking toward the newly installed Oceania wing, I noticed the newest Costume Institute show, "Superheroes, Fashion and Fantasy," was relatively empty, so I walked in there first. These installations are often weird; this one certainly was. While I loved comic books, Superman and Wonderwoman, when I was a kid, I wasn't too keen on this show. Some of the fashions were intriguing; nothing you'd wear on the street.

I really enjoyed the new installation of material from New Guinea. Robin and Steve were there in the 1980's and I was able to go and visit them. I brought back a number of pieces from the Sepik River, some of which I'd like to sell. So I look at these museum exhibits with two ideas in mind: just enjoying them and how do they relate to what I own. I was told originally that the pieces had to be much older to have real value. The Met has many pieces dated to the 1970's. Can I be far behind?

After a quiet lunch I went to China, Japan, India and Korea. Those are the best galleries because they are usually quiet, not the crowded mess found in the more popular galleries.

I left the museum about 1 pm and went to the bus stop at 84th and Fifth Ave. After standing about 10 minutes I noticed there was no traffic emerging for the Park and on to 84th St. Even though I was tired and my feet hurt, I started walking; it's much easier than standing. Only after I got back near the apartment and made some purchases in a nearby deli, did the first bus show up. I'm glad I didn't wait.

In the evening I went to dinner in New Rochelle with friends and made a new friend: a woman who is going to Japan next October and wanted to hear about my trip. She's a lovely lady and I had a great time. I brought my book for show and tell. It's a great way to tell people about the trip

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