Birthday day

Up at 7:30. Lazy day. 8 am, Julia calls–make plans–meet at Union Square. 8:15 am, Julia calls–not Union Square 3rd Ave, NW corner. 8:30 am, Julia calls–forgot Happy Birthday.
9 am, Carol calls, sings traditional family happy birthday. Very nice.
10:15, argue with myself about doing leg exercises. Finally do exercises.
11:30, shower and dress.
12: 30, leave apartment. Beautiful day, bright sunshine, cool breeze. Woman walking next to me asks, do I think we'll miss the construction fences from the Second Avenue Subway? She misses scaffolding when it comes down. Miss 3 buses. wait–wait–wait. Bus comes. Wheelchair goes in first. 20-30 people wait at each stop. Very slow bus–no hurry–fun people watching: mother and young girl with violin case; woman with huge thighs, makes me feel sylph-like; elder woman (like me) with 80's elegance (not like me)–gold rings, bracelets, large gold earrings, perfect large white-blond hair, makeup, white pants, navy-blue blazer with gold buttons, bright color print blouse. Tall elder man, head almost touches bus ceiling, waistline at my eye level. Another tall elder man, much shorter legs.
2 pm. Get off bus, walk to 1st Ave. to Theater for the New City festival. Very old building, interesting paintings on walls. Street fair on 10th St. Lots of old stuff for sale; more like antiques fair, but not antiques. No lunch yet. Find Tasti-D-lite on 3rd Ave. get small chocolate. Walk toward 14th St. Enter Trader Joe's. Julia calls. Keep meeting plan.
3 pm. Meet Julia. walk through 3rd Ave. street fair. Not very crowded. NYC empties out on holidays. Only tourist places are really busy, although Trader Joes was mobbed. Sit in Peter Cooper Park; continue talking. Watch homeless man sleeping on bench, another homeless man with shopping cart, couple making out, other couples eating, kid with toy sword running around, small altercation between young man who ran away. Peace prevailed. Typical New York.
4:30. subway to theater district. Renaissance Hotel to use facilities. Most beautiful wash basin ever. Picture to come. Walked slowly to restaurant for long dinner, mostly talk. Haven't seen Julia for a year. Never run out of talk.
7:30 Producers Club Crowne Theater. The elegant name makes up for the theater. early, of course. Nice sofa. Audience gathered. Actor delayed by subway. beTwixt, beTween, beTwain started late. Cute, but too long. Leave at intermission. Never feel need to tough it out.
10 pm. Thank you Julia. Subway home, lovely day.

3 thoughts on “Birthday day

  1. How lovely you have friends like Julia.
    Happy Birthday…..I’d sing, but you would hear only echoes tomorrow. But thank you so very much for taking us along with you on your buses and walks. I enjoyed that and should do that on my blog as I am always walking to work.

  2. Of course your birthday is in May…my favorite person’s birthday was in May too…
    Happy Birthday and thanks for the suggestion on my banner….

  3. So you’re a May birthday girl, too! Happy to meet another Taurus! Or are you a gemini? Not that they mean anything anyway, but Hubby says I am stubborn as a bull. Nice to see you enjoyed your day so much. You’re lucky for so many connections to a wonderful city.

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