My New York Monday

Not prose, not a poem–just random jottings

A noisy place, my New York. Bright sunshine this morning, with thunder–or was that construction noise. Workmen in the hall, outside my door: hammering, talking, tools dropping. Building being renovated.

Walk outside–jack hammer, generator. Walk through the projects–street quiet–six buses hanging out. 3 cats in ASPCA window. If I look too long, one of them might be mine.

Got on the bus. Old man with walker–doesn’t want special lift–climbs stairs like a mountain. I understand.

Subway to Bowling Green: Custom House, George Gustav Heye Center, National Museum of the American Indian. One of my favorite places in NYC. Beautiful pieces–headless figures like Yinka Shonibare. Is there some meaning in headlessness? More reading, like NMAI in DC–too low–too small–too dark.

Walk down Broadway. Big crowd on the traffic island with the Wall Street bull. Greeks commemorating the Pontic Massacre in the early 20th Century.

Trinity Church: sculpture of tree roots in the courtyard.

Walking to Century 21 Department Store. Looks like storm coming. Happy to get inside, but very crowded. Julia called while I was trying on sneakers. Couldn’t talk, keep my seat, watch shoes I want to buy and old shoes I wore. Buy 2 pair, one pink and purple. Feet hurt.

More wind, a few raindrops–just spitting like Pittsburgh rain. Stopped at J&R Music and Computers. Saw Fujitsu, a tiny notebook at twice the price of the ASUS. Will probably buy the ASUS before I go to China. Getting hungry.

Walk under Brooklyn Bridge toward Chinatown, on East Broadway. Not familiar with street–too many people–need food–need to sit down. Turn on Division where I’ve been with Shirley Sun. Found buffet restaurant: 4 choices from enormous buffet plus rice: $4.50. Tofu, green beans, noodles, sesame chicken.

Crossed street to bakery: melon cake and lemon tea. Figaro cat loved melon cake from Chinatown in Chicago. Don’t know if he loved melon or crust part best. Sitting again. Bakery got very busy. Old woman sitting near me got up and quickly took a tart from behind the counter. I think she stole it.

Walked down Canal St. to the subway. One block of shops locked up by government order. Must have been knock-off headquarters. Back to apartment. Still working in the hall. Happy to sit again. Photos next week.

3 thoughts on “My New York Monday

  1. Ruthe, I love this blog entry. The cadence mirrors the staccato pace of New York itself. And the quick verbal pictures are better than a slide show. Not poetry? I wonder. Grace

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