Thursday and Friday in SF

When I returned from the Ferry Terminal on Wednesday I walked through the Crocker GalleriaLibrary_5184
and discovered Andersen Bakery, which I was familiar with from Japan.  Returning there Thursday morning I bought, for my lunch, one of the stuffed breads I enjoyed in Japan: jalapeno and cheese. Thursday is farmer’s market day in the Galleria; I loved the bright red of the strawberries and tomatoes. Library_5176


Back on the street I noticed a large sign: LIBRARY. I discovered the Mechanics Institute Library, organized in 1854 as a center for adult technical education. They had a show of old photographs about the history of the institute. The best part was their wonderful old building.


I boarded one of the old streetcars and went to Fisherman’s Wharf. This was one of my favorite places when we lived here. It’s become very touristy and crowded, but strangely, the original part with the old restaurants and the fishing boats was relatively empty. I was happy to walk around alone.


A gathering of noisy seals.


Entry to one of the piers. I think we walked here years ago.



Leaving the waterfront I started walking toward a bus to take me to Coit Tower and came upon Cost Plus Imports, another place dating back to my tenure in California. It was very exciting when we first found it–the only place selling exotic goods from around the world. There was no Pier One or Ten Thousand Villages. This was it, and I loved it. Just for nostalgia I went in and managed not to spend too much money. The woman at the check-out counter had worked there almost from the beginning; it was fun talking to her.

Finally arriving at Coit Tower Library_5228
I found a quiet place to sit and ate my lunch. There were lots of eucalyptus trees and I enjoyed the smell. Library_5205
Sometimes I don’t; maybe it has to do with time of year. I walked all around the tower, then went up into it and took more pictures. The city really does have a lot of concrete.



I thought the huge bronze statue in the parking lot would be Lillie Hitchcock Coit, who donated the money to build the tower, Library_5227
but it turned out to be Christopher Columbus, designated, in large letters, as the discoverer of America. Lillie got short shrift on that one. I don’t know what Columbus had to do with it.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do on Friday. This was our last day. We were taking the redeye, so I had all day and no hotel to return to at 3 o’clock. None of the museums had compelling exhibits, but I finally decided to go to the de Young. I spent most of my time on a tour of carpets made in Turkmenistan. Good tour, but too much standing around. I found other kinds of entertainment at the museum.

This is some kind of fashion photo shoot. Library_5239
It involved lots of people. The model had 6 inch heels and must have been 7 feet tall. Note where her waistline comes. Library_5243
And get the crazy background. I’d love to see this in print. The entire crew, model included, came into the cafe for lunch while I was there. She had on a long shirt, tights and shoes that resembled army boots–the longest, thinnest legs I’ve ever seen. I left before she got her food. I was sorry afterward; I would have liked to see what she ate. The first thing she did was go outside for a smoke. This is another costume change, to be shot outdoors. I didn’t hang around.Library_5253

The have a lot of outdoor sculpture and a special, small garden that had these small sculptures in cages, kind of like a zoo. Library_5235
The gardeners were playing cards hidden behind a bush in the small garden. Library_5237
This is what the museum looks like–nothing like the other buildings in the park.Library_5234


Finally, the sphinx guarding the entry.Library_5255

I went back to the Yerba Buena Garden and stopped at icebee, a self serve frozen yogurt shop. I think I tried six different flavors, all for $2.79. Wish I had one of those here. Robin’s meeting was at the Muscone Center, next to the garden. I hung out watching sea gulls drink in the fountain, Library_5256
then met her to go to Greens for our last dinner in San Francisco. We wanted to taste as much as possible so we shared a wilted spinach salad, fresh pea ravioli and an artichoke and portobello quiche with sides of polenta and broccoli rabe. A great finish to a good week.

3 thoughts on “Thursday and Friday in SF

  1. Oh! I got so carried away by the food I forgot to say what I meant to say. And that is that I found the caged animal sculpture kind of interesting. You don’t suppose this creative presentation came about because of need, do you? such as protecting the art from vandals?

  2. Ah, you leave me sitting here and smiling. I do like this city. Then again, I live down the coast on the edge of the ocean in a desert. There’s little dry up there.

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