Tuesday and Wednesday in SF

Tuesday morning on my way to the Asian Art Museum, I stopped at the
Public Library. Loved the place. They had an exhibit of student work
that gave me an idea about how to handle the tunnel book I’ve been
mulling over for the last year. There were lots of books, lots of
computers for patron use, interesting sculpture. A special room, the
Chinese Center had books in both English and Chinese, many with
wonderful Chinese paintings.

On to the Asian Art Museum, across the plaza. A huge exhibit of
Japanese prints had just ended, much to my regret. I started to walk
around the museum as they recommend in their guide, from the top down,
and realized it was just like the Asian art survey course I took last
summer. A tour of the Korean and Japanese areas was offered at 1 pm,
and I was the only person who showed up for it. I had a lovely visit
with the docent. found out lots of things about the museum and a little
more about Korean and Japanese art. The most interesting thing she told
me was that the museum wanted to double their space; they were easily
able to show twice as many objects. I hope they succeed in their
efforts while I am still able to come and see their collections.

I tried to get back to the hotel every afternoon to rest up a bit
and to do my leg exercises. Then I walked up Grant Street to City
Lights Bookstore. That was one of my favorite places when we
lived in California. I didn’t really remember it, but I loved all the
books. Grant Street is all honky tonk Chinatown: lots of junk for sale.
At one time it was enthralling to me; now I’ve seen too much. But it
was a beautiful day, the entire week was beautiful. I enjoyed the walk.

Wednesday was the day: walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. This is
the third major bridge I’ve now walked across, joining the Brooklyn
Bridge and the George Washington Bridge. I think I can do one more in
New York: the Manhattan Bridge. I have to find more, the requirement
being the bridge has to be more than a mile long. Golden Gate is 1.7
miles, according to the tourist office. I had neglected to ask what I
would find when I got to the other side. How would I return. I wanted
to take the ferry from Sausalito, but the end of the bridge is not
walking distance from Sausalito. Finally found out where I could get a
bus, which arrived after about a 45 minute wait. I had ice cream for
lunch in Sausalito, got on the ferry, saw the other side of Alcatraz
and had coffee in the ferry terminal back in SF. Here is a slide show of my walk on the bridge.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday and Wednesday in SF

  1. I’m captivated. You have swept me off my feet, and to make it even better there was a cruise ship just leaving as you were on your walk. Thanks so much for shar8ing this and these.

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