Another trip

San Francisco wasn’t enough for me. I stayed home long enough to do my laundry, look at the mail and get a haircut. Yesterday morning I boarded the train for New York. It’s a long trip, longer than driving, much longer than flying, assuming the flight is uneventful. The great part is that you leave and arrive in the middle of the city. I had a good book, some of the scenery is interesting and I could get up and walk around.

Renee is leaving for Spain on Saturday, so I get to stay here and watch the apartment until May 27. I’ve contacted most of my friends and made arrangements to see them, and I never get enough of the museums. Also, just found out there will be a show of Henry Moore sculpture at the botanic garden beginning on my birthday–a great present.

I’ve already been out for a walk and some shopping. One of the interesting things about New York is that things leave and new things take their place. There is now an eyebrow threading store on Second Ave. Look for that to be the next big thing–after you have your nails decorated you can go down the street and have your eyebrows threaded. In my mind, needle always goes with thread so I find the idea of threading my eyebrows disturbing, to say the least.

5 thoughts on “Another trip

  1. Actually, if a needle and thread could give me some eyebrows of any kind, it might be worth the agony. Mine are so pale and thin, at this stage, I’m considering sketching them in with indelible markers. Grace

  2. Henry is a winner any way you find him. Happy birthday.
    Yes, my eldest had that done…a gift. She hated it tho liked not being a unibrow. I just plucked….easier. And they don’t just do brows. Or women. Have a ball and tell all when you have the time.

  3. Alice, I’m sure you’re kidding. They knot the thread around the hair and yank it out. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Grace

  4. Oh Ruthe! Does this mean people really push needles through their eyebrows? Or am I hopeless out of touch with the young world today?!!

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