Almost missed it

I’m very pleased I made it to the last day of an exhibit I wanted to see, but kept forgetting about: Nick Cave at the Society for Contemporary Crafts. I was suffering with February grayness yesterday; it took a lot for me to get out of the house.

The exhibit was splendid. Cave is a Chicago artist whose quirky designs seem to follow somewhat in the tradition of Ed Paschke and the Chicago Imagists. You can see a video of Cave’s work here, and read more about him here (pdf).

Here are some pictures of Cave’s work:


Wonderful, outsize, finely crafted garments


This is a picture of a mask from Papua New Guinea, I took at the Field Museum in Chicago.


Couldn’t help notice some similarities. I love them both.

3 thoughts on “Almost missed it

  1. I look at these after coming back from a hair color job at the hairdresser. Any one of these would be very handy for the next few days to wear over my head and hair. Too blonde!!!! Yikes! What was she thinking?!!!
    And what was HE (Cave) thinking?

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