Resolutions & Distractions

One of my current, most important goals is getting my workroom cleaned up. It is so bad I don’t even want a before picture to see where I’ve come from, and it is really impeding my ability to get any work done. The photographs and fabrics are the worst, so of course, I’m leaving them for last.

This morning I began going through boxes of mementos of my past lives and actually throwing out a bunch of stuff. I really did not need 6 copies of the press kit from a show I had in 1980. Then I found a photo I’ve been thinking about for a long time. This is Robin, age 3, waiting for Mommy on a bench in the Field Museum, while I was busy photographing something in the cases. Note how she is guarding my purse.

She never saw me take the picture. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop I was able to take a tired, faded print and make it look like new. It was a great distraction from my organizing fit.

8 thoughts on “Resolutions & Distractions

  1. So pleased that I found your blog. I too am clearing years of clutter so that I’ll have space in my house to make art. I retired from a full time job in order to become a fulltime artist and then discovered I needed to clear the clutter. What a job it’s been.
    And I love the photo of Robin – wish you would submit it with a story to Wonderful.
    I’ll be reading more on your blog.

  2. I think I’ll have to wait for the great-grandchild to restage it. And the benches are gone. They’ve really done a nice job on the Field Museum. We enjoyed our visit last week; both of us looked at the exhibits this time.

  3. What a great picture. Thanks. And too, I will go check out Ms Carr while taking a break later. I’m doing just what you are doing. I long to have my drawing board out so I can use it, instead I have to be vigilent and keep my computer desk free to work on.

  4. Beautiful daughter. Even though you still have her at whatever age she is now, don’t you miss that little girl? I know I miss my little girls who are all grown up now–different people altogether. Good luck on the clean out and sort. Seems to be a lot of that going around these days.

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