Now you know

I am so addicted to this computer I carried it with me in spite of it being too heavy; too much trouble; I’ll only be gone a week, I’m paying extra for internet access. Can’t seem to live without it. I am staying in a monastic cell in International House at the University of Chicago. I was a student here 55 years ago, so this is very nostalgic for me. I never stayed at iHouse when I was a student, but it bears a strong resemblance to my dorm room, although without the desk and chair I had back then. Enough complaining: it’s very convenient to Eli’s apartment; that’s why I’m here.

Eli went to work this evening and I took Romy out for dinner. Then we went to hear the New Budapest Orpheum Society: Super Tuesday/Fat Tuesday Concert, So that their voices will not fall silent — Jewish Cabaret in Exile. Performers from the music department played and sang music written before and during World War 2 most of it by Jewish musicians who did not survive the Holocaust. Songs from before the war, about corporate greed, fear, fantasies and freedom, seemed chillingly pertinent to our time.

I was going to write about my memories of being a student here, but the concert overshadowed them. I think it’s my bedtime so nostalgia will wait. We are supposed to get a lot of snow tonight; I may have plenty of time to write tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Now you know

  1. Yes, photographs please! I think a nostalgia trip would be fun, but I’d like to sleep in my own bed every night. It should bring thought provoking journal entries.

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