Change of plans

I planned to drive to Chicago yesterday or Saturday. I don’t know why I thought this would be a good thing; after all, I spent 61 years in Chicago and should have known better. I watched weather reports all week on WGN, the Chicago cable channel. By Thursday, I was having second thoughts, Early Friday morning, when Betty called with more weather information, I gave up the idea of driving. I was fairly certain I could get from here to there without much trouble. The problem was what to do with the car once I got there. Street parking in Chicago is almost impossible in winter, and I didn’t want to pay to garage the car. So, tomorrow morning I will fly to Chicago, take a cab to the University of Chicago campus where I will be staying, and use public transportation for everything else.

The worst part of this is figuring out how to pack lightly. I was planning to take my laptop, some food, snowboots and an extra coat in the car. It’s supposed to be warm here tomorrow, 65F; I’ll be carrying one coat only, no boots, no food, which I almost never carry, and I haven’t decided about the laptop. I hate to think I can’t live for a week without my computer, but I think I can’t live for a week without my computer.

Oh, and why am I going? Because I still love Chicago and want to show Eli’s Chilean friend the things Eli hasn’t shown her. And next weekend is the University of Chicago Folk Festival, where we’ll be joined by the rest of the family for a folkie weekend. If I don’t take the laptop, I’ll be gone until next Tuesday.

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