Contemplating life and death

Karen at Verbatim posted this link on her website, and while I don’t usually care about these things, this one looked like fun. Thanks to her, I now know: "When you will die: Sunday October 31, 2032, at age of 98," with a high probability it will be from heart disease in a nursing home. When I was a kid I was sure I would live to 100, to 2034. Now, as I approach that number I would consider it a blessing not to get there.

My father lived to 94; in fact, today was his day of birth. He wasn’t in terrible physical shape for 94, but his hearing was all but gone and his sight was going fast from macular degeneration. I think he died because he couldn’t figure out what he would do when he became completely deaf and blind. You don’t learn braille in your nineties.

I don’t think my father enjoyed his old age. Although he remained physically strong, he was angry, and paranoid, and probably very bored. I am determined to keep things interesting, to find new things to learn, to look at, to think about, and not to  worry about the length of my life.

3 thoughts on “Contemplating life and death

  1. I agree with Alice. My grandfather was 99, and all the fun had gone out of life. He was deef, blind, had rhumbago and rhumatizum so couldn’t golf, and couldn’t eat anything. What fun was that. So he stopped eating.

  2. Interesting. I, too will die in a nursing home of heart disease but not until December 31, 2041 when I am 99 years old. Pullllleeeeze, I hope not. The day I can’t take care of myself, maybe I’ll take a walk on an Interstate highway. I don’t do these often, either, but they’re fun once in awhile.

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