Good friends, good art. What more could I want?

Got up early this morning, picked up my neighbor, Mary, and drove to Columbus, Ohio to meet with raja and friends at the art museum, have lunch, see a very special art show. Not the Monet, which you might think if you followed the art museum link, but the Aminah Robinson show, Along Water Street. I saw her work in a huge show at the Brooklyn Museum in 2006 and was very impressed. She combines, drawing, paint and fabric to tell wonderful stories. You can see some of her work here. I’ve been nagging raja to meet me at the show since I found out it would be at the museum. Columbus is halfway for each of us.

It was a lot of driving, but we had a good visit and I loved the show; well worth the trip. I found it a little hard to say goodbye, but maybe we’ll meet again soon, in Chicago. I’ll be going there next month.

2 thoughts on “Good friends, good art. What more could I want?

  1. I used to paint in the big old artist’s studio in Columbus (it used to be a prison/lots of colorful background, that!) and that’s where I first discovered Aminah. She presented an exhibit that came from one of her first visits to Africa. I loved it so much. I hadn’t thought of her art for years, but you’ve brought it all back to me. Thanks! (I lived in Columbus for 17 years. Lots of memories there.) I’m glad you like her too.

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