Back to the same old

Yesterday was a gray, windy day. I needed to do some grocery shopping, but didn’t feel like going out. So today, with cold sunshine, was it: veggies, fruit, some whole grain English muffins, and broccoli pancakes. Renee brought some of those pancakes to the New Years party. Very good, not too caloric. I’m trying hard to eat healthy stuff, much as I’d like to limit my diet to ice cream and banana nut muffins.

Made a lot of phone calls, playing catch up, then lost patience, so tomorrow will be another phone day. Spent the rest of the day working on "the book." I’m determined to finish before the end of the month. I’ve got 88 pages and I’m up to November 3. Not too much forward progress, but I’ve added lots of additional material.

1 thought on “Back to the same old

  1. You are so good. I’m just struggling with moving furniture. George made me a rolling sewing table, and that was one piece of furniture too much. Now I am playing jigsaw puzzle with big pieces of wood. I’d much rather be working on a book. Bravo to you.

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