Back in Pittsburgh

Great flight, NO DELAYS! I could hardly believe it. Even the trip to La Guardia was perfect: no traffic and a good driver. I hope everyone had such a great beginning to the new year.

Yesterday morning I had breakfast with a friend from my venture in higher education in New Jersey. We were the older women in the class, although she is considerably younger, and we’ve maintained a friendship in spite of my  moving and various other life changing events. Very satisfying visit.

Afterward I met Renee at the Neue Gallery to see their Klimt exhibit. There were a few landscapes I had never seen, which were lovely. The drawings were dimly lit and mostly very faint. They were too hard for me to see; I didn’t really appreciate the show.

In the evening we took a train to Great Neck, to another of Renee’s relatives, for a New Year’s party. Most of the probably fifty people knew each other. I found another woman who knew no one, and we had a nice conversation. I don’t like large gatherings. My tolerance for them hasn’t improved as I age. Fortunately we got on the 10:49 train and were back at the apartment just at the stroke of midnight. And one of the best things about New York is that you can be on an uncrowded subway totally unaware all those people waiting for the ball to drop.

1 thought on “Back in Pittsburgh

  1. You start me off with a smile. Now you are home with no transportation burps. So glad you had a great trip, saw the Klimpt….I do like his stuff. Me, home to and warm while trying to simplify things. Trash cans are marvelous inventions. LOL

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