Art and Ephemera

Weather today is wonderful–warm sun, cool breeze. I walked over to the Center for the Arts, about a mile away, to see the work of Adam Grossi, the nephew of a friend in New Jersey. The show was interesting, although I have to admit I don’t really understand what he is trying to communicate. Only a couple of paintings really spoke to me. Strange, because he is a terrific writer. I have the feeling he is still searching for a language in his painting.  Maybe it’s my age that’s speaking.

The walk was great. I found a route that keeps me off of Penn and Fifth Avenues, both heavily trafficked. It feels wonderful to walk in the cool shade, emerge into the too warm sun, then back into the shade. I passed a house where someone was playing a strange sounding musical instrument. Earlier, on my way to the Center, they were singing with the music. There is something special about walking by and catching a few notes, just as walking past someone wearing perfume: I don’t want to be overwhelmed, just given a small taste.

Some of the trees are strange and special. Planted in the narrow parkway between sidewalk and curb their roots show above ground and form a wooden platform under the tree. I don’t know whether the cause is the  narrowness of the space, the clay soil, or both. I also saw a house I would like to own. It’s not for sale and I haven’t seen the inside, but it’s relatively new and thoughtfully designed. Very interesting.

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