Walking in Frick Park

My walking partners haven’t been around all weekend. This morning I decided to walk by myself. The exercise isn’t as good; I tend to walk slower when I’m by myself. But I’m glad I went alone this morning. It was a beautiful day and I spent a lot of time photographing. Although the leaves haven’t fully turned yet, they’ve started to fall and you can see the approach of autumn.

I’m not entirely happy with my photographs. I spent a lot of time this afternoon trying to learn the controls on my camera. I want to get better results when I am in Japan.

Take a walk with me. The stretching tree is half-way in my walk. I use it to stretch out my calf muscles; less pain later. I usually turn around there, and retrace my steps. Today I took another trail–all uphill. It’s a beautiful trail and I wanted the extra exercise.

I haven’t been able to embed my slide show in this post, but you can see it here.

3 thoughts on “Walking in Frick Park

  1. What a nice place to walk…and enjoy the change of the season…too bad we can’t have a voice commentary..then it really would be like we were there walking with you! I feel your pain on the new camera..and thanks for the nice comment!

  2. I was alone there again this morning. In one area I could hear an echo of my own footsteps. That really made me think about spirits drifting about.
    I like walking alone. It becomes more of a spiritual experience than exercise, but sometimes it’s a little scary.

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