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Len and I gave a brown bag lunch today to try and promote our Osher blog. I was disappointed in the turnout–not nearly enough people, but the people who came were very interested. I would like to see lots of contributors to the blog. Then it will really be an Osher blog, not a Len and Ruthe blog. Len’s wife made wonderful chocolate chip cookies–the highlight of our presentation.

Since I can’t eat lunch during my presentation I decided to skip my afternoon class and go to eat instead. Then I walked over to the Phipps for a last look at the Chihuly show. I got to the Phipps before the rains came. It started to pour as I was thinking about leaving, so I waited and was able to get to the bus without opening my umbrella. Rain in Pittsburgh often moves through quickly. I find that with a little patience I can stay dry. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather most of this month. Today’s rain came in with a cold front, but they say temperatures will remain in the 70’s for the next week. Still too warm.

I am supposed to walk tomorrow morning; first time since Tuesday. Here’s a picture from Tuesday morning–more sunshine coming through the trees.
I took some pictures today at the Phipps, mostly in the Japanese Garden. I don’t think any of them are interesting enough to post. Waiting for the bus yesterday I took these pictures of Dippy, the bronze dinosaur in front of the Carnegie Museum. Notice how clean the cathedral looks; almost like a new building.



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  1. Wow! That is amazing how clean the building is…when we were there it was really dirty…but looked very European that way! Sorry about the turnout, but at least those that showed up were engaged with your presentation! Great pic of the building and the dino…

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