Odds and ends

A cold front is supposed to come in over the weekend. I will be very grateful. I find this heat so debilitating, it saps my energy and I don’t feel like doing anything. I do have room air conditioners so I spend most of my time at the computer in front of the air.

I actually had a fairly active day. First I took Darcy to the groomer. When I came back, I did some work around the apartment, then met Robin at the Fair in the Park, where I walked around with her for about 45 minutes. I had an appointment with Comcast, again, and didn’t want to miss them so I headed home. As I pulled in the drive the groomer called and said Darcy was ready for pickup, so I turned around and drove to Regent Square. I brought Darcy back to the apartment, because of Comcast, who showed up as soon as I walked in.

So they fixed my internet and phone connection again. I never mentioned they were out here last week. When I returned from New York my internet and phone were out. This time two technicians came out. If it doesn’t keep working, I guess I’ll go back to Verizon.

In the meantime Darcy kept nipping at me; she wanted to go home. Darcy has fallen in love with Shalmit, my grad student friend, who took care of her while I was in New York and the family was in Chile visiting Eli. This weekend my family has gone to North Carolina for a bat mitzvah. Shalmit was supposed to go to Toronto and I was supposed to take care of Darcy. I’ve been dreading the weekend. Darcy is bad enough under normal circumstances, but this love affair with Shalmit is a killer. She’s like a teenager with a bad crush. At the last minute I got a reprieve; Shalmit postponed her trip until next weekend. I’ve been having a peaceful evening.

Last spring I set up a new blog with one of my fellow Osher students. He wanted to start an unofficial blog for the Pitt Osher program, and he needed me to set it up. We’ve been nursing it along all summer. Now we want to get it off the ground. I spent much of the week working on a presentation we will give for a lunchtime meeting, and a flier to distribute at an Osher event on the 17th. Fortuitously, Staples sent me a coupon for 100 free businesscards, no strings attached. I designed a card and they printed it for me. We’ll give these out, also, and hope we can get other people to post to the blog. I don’t want to write for another blog. I have all I can do to keep this one going and prepare for my upcoming Japan trip. Visit the new blog. If you have some thoughts about the Osher program, by all means contribute a comment or a new post.

1 thought on “Odds and ends

  1. LOL…that is hilarious about Darcy…
    And the avatar pic on your New York trip cracked me up too…I took a picture in New Orleans that I identified with…I think I posted it long ago, either on this blog or the one I took down…I will see if I can find it…
    take care…and I am hoping for cooler weather too…damn this heat!

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