It’s been a quiet week…

As I get older I find myself noticing the world around me in ways I had not done before. My backyard remains constantly fascinating as I note how the light changes as the sun changes position. This caught my eye the other morning, with the sun lighting the tree from an entirely different angle.

On Saturday, LInda and I went to the Mattress Factory. Their current exhibits left us somewhat mystified, but we enjoyed the Tom Museum and spent a fair amount of time in the exhibit by Yayoi Kusama. Although I don’t particularly enjoy looking at myself in a mirror, I find these images continually fascinating.
It’s easier looking at myself upside down.

I love the way the space opens out to infinity. That’s the best part about mirrors.



I’ve been diligent about walking in Frick Park, every morning since Friday. I think it’s the best exercise I can get, and the park is beautiful, truly one of the jewels of Pittsburgh. Library_1640_2
This morning was very foggy, and I was able to get more of those rays of sun shots.  Library_1642_2

We noticed a lot of these white flowers. I don’t knowwhat they are. Library_1637_2
Perhaps some day I will be able to Google an object instead of a word or description. That would be really amazing!Library_1639_2

5 thoughts on “It’s been a quiet week…

  1. Ruthe, it’s hard to be sure by what I see on my screen, but that white lacy plant looks like one we call Grandpa’s Beard.Google says the scientific name is chionanthus virginicus; common name, white fringetree. Whatever it is it’s beautiful. You got some great ray shots!

  2. Hi, I have been buried and haven’t been over here in a few days…looks like the museum trip was fun…I wish we had a Frick Park to enjoy…I signed up at the Y to swim but have been negligent in getting my exercise in. I love those trees in your backyard…gorgeous!

  3. I enjoy seeing the pictures of the tree, and also the light in the park. My condo is surrounded by trees, and it’s fascinating to see how they change the light in my place throughout the seasons.

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