Back to the routine

While I was in New York I realized I don’t like being in Pittsburgh unless my family is here. It’s not about Pittsburgh. I just haven’t made many attachments here, although Mary picked me up from the airport bus, so that’s one attachment I’ve made. I returned on Monday; Robin, Steve and Charna didn’t get back until Tuesday afternoon. They had a wonderful time in Chile. Charna said she wanted to chain herself to a palm tree and stay there.

School began yesterday morning with Art of China, the class I am auditing. Next week my Osher classes begin. I’m continuing with Tai Chi and taking another writing class and something called Caravaggio (about the artist).

My biggest problem on returning was retrieving my mail. I always ask the post office to hold it if I will be gone more than a few days. Usually that works well and they deliver it on the requested date. This time the system, if there is one, failed. My regular carrier is on vacation, obviously the cause of the failure. I finally went and picked it up, after some difficulty finding where to go. It wasn’t the nearest post office.

This morning I was back to walking, this time with Mary, Mary’s sister Nancy, and Phyllis. The position of the sunlight was different,  and I got some neat photos.

Phyllis and Nancy


Mary stops to talk to every dog we meet.



3 thoughts on “Back to the routine

  1. I know what you mean about family making the difference wherever you are! We gave up a lot of social activity to come here, but it’s been worth it having family nearby.
    Nice pictures! I especially liked the last one. Symbolic or something, not sure. Fall and beginning classes sound good to me…always looked forward to new beginnings around this time of year after things cool off. Around here, I felt the nip of fall in the air when I went out for the morning paper, but I tell you summer’s still in the kitchen this week! Temps in the mid to high 90s all week!

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