Tai Chi

I have been taking two radically different tai chi classes. One of them meets on Mondays and is part of the Osher program. The teacher is patient and methodical. We’ve been at it for about 7 weeks now and we have only covered 3 moves. This is fine with me. I’m learning it well enough that I can practice the moves by myself at home. The teacher says they are simple but not easy. He is certainly correct. I can really understand the benefit of these moves; they are particularly good for my balance, something I found has deteriorated with age.

I’ve written about the other class before. I haven’t been attending much since January. My Japanese art classes are at the same time; they come first. Today, because I had no Japanese art classes, I went to tai chi. It’s a very different class, lots of movement and a good workout both physically and mentally trying to mirror those right and left moves, but nothing I can take home with me.

One more difference: my neighbor does his version of tai chi in his backyard every morning. He doesn’t look anything like either of my two teachers. I don’t think it matters, but I find the whole thing somewhat entertaining.

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