Grandchildren time

I’ve been having a wonderful time with Eli. Last night we went out for dinner to a new place I’ve been wanting to try: Royal Caribbean in East Liberty. We shared jerk chicken and curried shrimp; both were lovely.

Today we picked up Charna after school and went down to the Strip to shop. Charna and I were looking for a salad bowl but didn’t find the right one. I bought tea, dried chrysanthemums, and a kabocha, which I left for Robin. We looked in a wonderful antique store and stopped for coffee. Then we went up to Lawrenceville where Charna found a present for a friend and I found some fabric remnants I might use for book binding. It was a lovely afternoon. Too bad Eli will be leaving on Friday.

1 thought on “Grandchildren time

  1. Oh, that sounds wonderful! I especially like the tea shopping bit. I just sent my mother a bunch of different kinds of fine loose tea, enough to stock her up for a good six months. Isn’t jerk chicken the best? I love Carib food as well. So glad you had a good spring break. Too bad Eli has to leave on Friday, though.

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