Weather Report

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had spring, yesterday winter returned. Renee was supposed to come for the weekend; her plane never took off and she gave up. Eli, on spring break, arrived with only a small delay. Chicago never got this snowstorm. It really hasn’t been a bad winter, but I’m certainly ready for spring to come. It’s supposed to happen on Monday. I got to the fitness center this morning for the first time since I can’t remember when. I think I’d better keep track of my visits; it bothers me that I can’t remember the last one.

I’m still working on Grandma’s book. I ruined my cover picture yesterday when I tried to adhere it to another piece of cloth using a steam iron. The edge of the iron was wet and dissolved the ink and Grandma suddenly had a dueling scar across her left eyebrow. I’m starting all over again.

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