Japanese Art, again

I seem to find Japanese art where ever I go. I was amazed to find anything in Georgetown Kentucky. Since there is a huge Toyota plant I suppose I should not have been surprised. Evidently the impetus for the Japanese Garden was supplied primarily by one man, Milt P., whom I met. He told me there had been an exhibit of the work of Watanabe Kazan at Georgetown College in 2000 and then gave me a copy of the catalog. I’m sorry I missed the exhibit. The catalog is very interesting. I knew nothing about Kazan before, but I was able to find a lot about him on the web. I will bring the catalog to class this morning and see what my professor has to say about him.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Art, again

  1. The Japanese Garden has turned green since you left. And M.P. is probably green with envy that I have your address and he doesn’t.

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