Weather 2

This morning it looked like I was going to be snowed in, but now the sun is shining and the snow on the driveway is melting. This leaves me very conflicted. I should go over to the health club and work out. Now I have no excuse for not going. I made myself a second cup of tea and I’m thinking about it. I’m still working on the book. I feel like I’m on a roll and I don’t want to be interrupted, but, the truth is I’ll use any excuse not to exercise.

3 thoughts on “Weather 2

  1. Thanks for leaving a works! I can’t wait to post my pics…think they will show up better with the white. And thanks for the encouragement. I feel blessed I am not relying on this for our bread and butter. I feel like a farmer who watches the weather to determine if the year will be profitable or not…I remember being in school (college) and it was so hard to get to an 8:00 am class on cold mornings. That prompted me to change all classes to afternoons! Hope your classes go well this week. I have to start walking this week again also. No show excuse…dang!

  2. THanks Ruthe for the email. I think I had a problem with my template in Blogger…I have switched my blog over to WordPress…I love their system and it is still free!

  3. Hi, I haven’t written a comment in a while but I saw you on Time Goes By today and remembered you. I stopped going to the gym a year ago when I got my dog, and need to go back but have been dragging my feet about it. It’s easy to do that, huh?

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