I never used to let the weather slow me down. But I’ve decided that one of the perks of old age is that I don’t have to keep going all the time. I have classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am to 5:15. It’s a long day, and I’ve begun to mind it. On Tuesday, I decided I did not have to go to the last class. Mostly, it was because I was worried about the computer. My network crashed on Monday night, and, another perk of old age, I went to bed without fixing it. But I worried all day Tuesday. So I cut my class, came home early, set it up again and everything seems to be working. Today I resolved to go to that class. I sat in the library until 3:15. It’s cold out and occasionally snowing, but the sun was shining when I walked out. By the time I walked one block of the necessary three, the weather had changed completely. There was a fierce wind and some nasty gusts of snow. I stopped in the Cathedral to put up my hood and a scarf around my neck and walked out to a nasty storm. So I went a half block back to the bus stop and within seven minutes I was on my way home. The sun came out again before I got back here. I should have gone to class, but that’s the perk of being old.

1 thought on “Weather

  1. I had some terrible weather issues at my first show…most of the time it never bothers me either, but I remember living in Chicago one winter and having the mascara freeze off my eyelashes and run down my face…weirdest thing I have ever experienced with cold weather…

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