Three Books

Eli is writing a novel, and I am having a wonderful time discussing with him the various aspects of novel writing, such as character development, how to maintain suspense, etc. At the same time, I am thinking about my books, which will tell a story but in a much more indirect way. In both the tunnel book and grandma’s book the visual, or layout aspects, are most important. I haven’t done anything about the tunnel book, but I’ve made some decisions about it. I have pictures of the tunnel in summer and in winter. the summer pictures look from the river to the street; winter pictures do the opposite. Thanksgiving052
There is a pedestrian bridge in the middle. Unlike many tunnel books I would like this to be viewable from both ends. So now I need pictures of the buildings across the river and the buildings across the street. These pictures will be on the inside covers. I still have to figure out how to bind the books so the covers can open fully, the accordion part of the tunnel stretches, but the whole thing remains intact and stable. Almost as complicated as writing a novel.

Grandma’s book will be a compilation of everything she wrote with memoirs of my father and my aunt along side, other published material I will scan in, and my comments added. In addition to the physical book I intend to publish this as a DVD. All of this can be easily put together with hyperlinks, but the layout of the actual book is remains a problem.

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