I’ve spent most of the week working on Grandma’s book. I have material from my father and my Aunt Flo, but the core of the book will be Grandma’s own writing, her autobiography, written in Yiddish, and published in 1944 as a fund raiser for the nursery she founded in Chicago in 1917. At my request my father translated the book, but he had some issues with his mother and did a lot of editorializing. I painfully reworked the translation, with help from a fluent Yiddish speaker who knew Grandma. When I started working on this new book I decided I liked my father’s translation better. He probably comes closer to my grandmother’s voice. My effort was too cleaned up. So I am comparing the two documents, line by line, to retain his voice and omit the gratuitous comments. It’s been a huge job.Charna17

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