I’m in New York again

One of the things I like best about New York is that I can always find something new. After, I had dim sum with Shirley this morning we decided to go to Union Square. I wanted to show her the Christmas Market. We took the subway from Chinatown, got off at 16th St. and Sixth Avenue and started walking east. We found a wonderful shop that seemed to be nameless because of the ubiquitous New York scaffolding around the building. In the window were some  blankets from  Mexico and pottery and jewelry from the Pueblo Indians. Inside, it was like a museum, cases and cases of wonderful Navajo jewelry, more Southwestern pottery, Curtis photographs, very interesting drawings of Indian subjects. There were also a few things from Alaska and the Northwest coast and from Africa. What a treat!Newyork002
Another entrepreneur at Union Square. He was selling small replicas of the sculpture mounted on his car, which was taken from a famous photograph, I think by Margaret Bourke-White.

After we looked at both the Union Square and the Bryant Park Markets I said goodbye to Shirley and started to walk to the subway at Grand Central. Another surprise: on 42nd St. at Fifth Avenue is the Taipei Cultural Center. They had an exhibit of eight Asian artists’ interpretation of the Tao Te Ching. Neither of these were part of the plan, but they were a great treat.

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