More corporate irrationality

I’ve had a generally good relationship with Amazon, buying many things from them. But I’m still brooding over my last go-round. Last year I bought three new humidifiers at about $15 each. Then I found out that filters would cost me $10 each. That was the first annoyance in this weird chain of aggravation.

Because it’s been mostly warm this fall I didn’t think about the humidifiers until after Thanksgiving. Then I went on line to order filters. The first website I found purported to have them but wasn’t taking any orders. I don’t understand that either. I finally found them at Amazon, from one of their associates, or whatever they call them. On Dec.1 I ordered six filters for $40, obviously a bargain. I received several of the usual automated emails from Amazon assuring me my filters would be shipped, probably on December 4 or 5. Great! On Dec. 5 I found a box at my front door. I was happy, until I opened the box. There were six filters, all the wrong size and shape.

I went back to Amazon. Somewhere on their website it says you can call them if you have a problem. I was sure this would solve my problem. You put your phone number in their interactive box and specify when you want to be called: right away or another time. I clicked right away and my phone began to ring. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing else happens that fast for me on the Internet. A mechanical voice instructed me to hold on while they connect me with the proper person. It took two tries, but I finally got connected to a woman in India. She sort of got the gist of what I was saying, and I sort of got the gist of what she was saying. I suppose she had as much trouble with my accent as I had with hers. I think she directed me back to the website where I could send an email to the seller, which I did. After many emails from Amazon and from the seller, and several from me to the seller, my money has been refunded, and I’ve been told to trash the useless filters. And, of course, I still don’t have the filters I need. I think it’s nice they refunded my money. I’m offended by the idea of trashing the filters, and I still have a problem.

I wanted to write all this to Amazon, but, except for the Indian woman, I think the whole place is automated–untouched by human hands. So I’m writing it all here in hopes that a human from Amazon will see it and make their usually good system even better.

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