Another Darcy Weekend

The weather was very nice on Friday afternoon so Darcy and I took a long walk on the Chatham College campus. Nov10018 It is such a beautiful place, I love walking there. Nov10017
Some of the trees still had brilliantly colored leaves. Nov10007
Darcy loves it for chasing squirrels, but she is never off the leash so she will never catch one. Nov10010
I was hoping to see the turkeys. We went down to the pond where we saw them before, but it was early and there was
still some active construction work, so no turkeys. When I finally decided to go back  home I noticed a large bird flying nearby. I did not get a good look at him until we were almost out of the campus, but finally he perched in a tree near the parking lot. Nov10028
I think he is a hawk. As we walked a little further we came upon the turkeys. Was the hawk watching them? We stood watching the hawk watch the turkeys. Nov10029
There seemed to be only seven turkeys. I wonder if that hawk had something to do with the missing bird.

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