Mary Schenley Fountain

I spend a lot of time in the Frick Art Building on the Pitt campus. Some of my Osher classes and my Japanese Art meet there, and I often use the library. Last week, to my amazement, the fountain in front of the building had an additional decoration. This fountain, dedicated to Mary Schenley who donated the land for nearby Schenley Park and Schenley Plaza, contains two
major figures. A recumbent Pan "represents the yearly regeneration of all plant
life." Above him stands a singer playing a lyre. On the pedestal is inscribed
"A Song of Nature, Pan the Earth God Answers to the Harmony Magic Tones Sung to
the Lyre by Sweet Humankind." 
I see this sculpture as a kind of Victorian erotica. The half naked Pan looking up at a woman representing humankind. I guess someone else has had the same thought.Nov10006

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