Sometimes you have to give up

I have spent three more days trying to create my movable image and I’ve decided to quit. I understand the mechanism, but the problem is getting the images in the right places. I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator to draw my templates. That makes it much easier, but I found, not surprisingly, that what you see is only an approximation of what you get. I don’t have enough space to get it right. Because I have already determined the size of my book I am constrained in what I can do. I would have to make the images too small in order to allow for the necessary slop, or should I say, lack of precision. I am continuing to work on the book. I finished 14 of the probable 24 pages. I just will not have a movable page.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to give up

  1. Hi. I also found you through Time Goes By. I’m also in Pittsburgh, and also finding new ways to connect with art in my life, though at 47 retirement is still some distance away.
    Delighted to explore your blog and your work, and look forward to returning. Thanks for the inspiration – now I am thinking about pop-ups…

  2. My comment doesn’t have a thing to do with your post. I just wanted to say hi after talking with you today during the eldercon. I enjoyed the conversation. Sounds like you are a woman after my own heart, moving around the country and launching into all sorts of new things at the elder stage of life. Lovely photos on the blog, too.

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