Thank you, Google

I have been enormously frustrated by my inability to make my movable picture work. Even though I went on to other pages, I saw this as one of the first, and I was having a very hard time going around it. So late last night, incapable of doing anything else, I started  Googling again. I searched on popup books, paper sculpture and finally "paper engineering." Amidst all those entries about making paper in large production plants, I found this one. Voila! I have that book. Or I had it. I was pretty sure I hadn’t given it up, but it wasn’t with my other paper manipulation books. So I searched further and found it.

This book has clear, complete, beautiful directions for making what I want, unlike the first book I was trying to use. Book #1, published by my former employer, obviously lifted the templates and part of the directions from book #2, omitting the most crucial parts. Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me. Anyhow, I’m ready to try again.

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