About my automobile

Driving alone from Chicago to Pittsburgh is tedious, at best. The first four hours weren’t too bad. About 2 pm I got off the highway and went to Toledo to see the new glass museum. After a pleasant interlude, and lunch, I got back on the road. By four o’clock I was getting worried about falling asleep. The next rest area was a half hour away, so I sang to myself. I’m glad no one was around to hear me. Grande Starbucks got me the rest of the way to Pittsburgh.

The automobile is a love-hate thing in my life. I enjoyed driving with Eli, and it was certainly convenient for transporting all of his stuff. But parking it on the near north side of Chicago was another pain. It was possible to find a parking space about 4 pm. But the area is posted; you have to have a resident’s permit or a temporary permit which has to be renewed every day. Now I have to clean out all of those little blue pieces of paper.Bluesticker

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