Art of all kinds

This morning I went to the Art Institute, primarily to look at Japanese Art. There was a good show of Utamaro prints and some wonderful ceramics. This was always one of my favorite places in Chicago, but I have not been there for several years. Much of their collection has been reinstalled, and I did not have enough time to look at all of it. I saw a show of movable books in the library then had to hurry to a lunch date, stopping briefly at the Cultural Center to see an exhibit of Japanese bamboo baskets. Too little time to see everything I wanted. After lunch, which I should have skipped to spend more time at the exhibits, I went to an amazing performance of King Lear at the Goodman Theater. Then back to the Art Institute for a few more minutes in the galleries and then a lecture. I am going home tomorrow, but I could spend weeks here and be happy.

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