Having a wonderful time

I love Chicago. And I never get tired of coming here. I had dinner this evening at Millenium Park. Then Betty went to a concert and I walked back to the apartment. As I walked out of the park I was surrounded by music, the lights from the wonderful fountain sculpture and all of the lights of the city. What a treat. This part of the city is just gorgeous.

Yesterday Betty and I went to Jackson Park to see the Osaka Garden. (Also see here.) It’s very beautiful, little visited and, unfortunately, somewhat neglected. I feel like I am making a collection of Japanese gardens. This is the second one in Chicago. I’ll post pictures after I return to Pittsburgh on Friday.

We got back to the apartment just before the rains came, then went out again, anyway, to dinner and a concert at Northwestern University. I realize we went from one end of the city to the other. This morning I went out to Northbrook to visit my cousin Phyllis. There is something very sweet about being with someone you know since childhood. Not too many of those people are left for me.

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